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The Spell of Leviathan (The Spell of Kingu) 666

Scroll# 015 



The prophesies of the book of Revelation are unfolding right now in our time and "Leviathan 666" Explains in detail the events surrounding the upcoming WWIII, The fall of modern Babylon and how the Anti-Christ controls the new world.  Learn about:  The Prophecy of Revelation 13:17 - "And no one will be able to buy or sell except for him who has the mark of the beast in his hand or the number of his name..." 

- Where is the seat of Babylon

- How will the beast take over the earth?

- What group of extraterrestrial beings are responsible for this ?

- Where are they from?

- Why did they come here?

- Who is the master mind in the new age cashless and checkless society?


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